CyberShield Security Control Presentation


Securing your mission critical microwave system against cyber threats is a primary objective of security governance. The security goals are to protect and preserve network confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Security policies and controls start with prioritizing the protection of network assets including microwave. Security professionals assess threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and consequences. To mitigate risks, they implement applicable security controls, countermeasures, and safeguards that are specific to microwave systems.

Microwave Networks has developed a suite of cyber security controls, best practices, and checklists to mitigate risks. Known as CyberShield, they include a layered series of controls and procedures – defense in depth – to protect your mission critical networks.

To learn about Cyber Security Controls for Microwave, you can schedule a 20 minute webinar at your convenience. Presentation topics include,

  • Major threats and vulnerabilities specific to microwave systems
  • Threat modeling and impact assessment
  • Understanding layered security controls for microwave
  • A 14 point cyber security checklist to secure your microwave system
  • The Proteus CyberShield security gateway

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Cyber Security Controls for Microwave
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