Every day, ordinary people place their confidence in the services provided by local, state, and federal governments.  These services include fire departments, police departments, sanitation, and public works departments.  All of these services have a critical need for solid, reliable communications systems to enable them to serve their communities.  As existing disparate mobile radio networks are being decommissioned and upgraded to newer, packet based systems to provide both voice and data communications, backhaul requirements are becoming increasingly complex.  As services transition, older DS1 based systems must be supported during the transition to new packet based networks.  Furthermore, reliability and security requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, as the volume of data transported increases. 

Microwave Networks is at the forefront of providing solutions for mission critical backhaul networks.  Our expertise, solutions, and our depth of experience planning, provisioning, integrating, and implementing full turnkey combination TDM/IP based microwave backhaul networks for city, county, state, and federal governments ensures the Peace of Mind that comes with a well planned and well executed communications infrastructure.

Microwave Networks solutions include the following:

  •  Reliability of interference-free licensed band radios
  • Available 100% active component redundancy
  • Native DS1 for predictable latency
  • Native Ethernet for eventual transition from TDM to packet
  • Built-in DS1 and Ethernet loop switching for ring topology
  • Data rates from 6 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Secure AES Encryption
  • RADIUS centralized login authentication
  • SNMP based management
  • Mobile Network Health App for dynamic notification of network status


Government Contracts

 State Government contracts:

Arizona ADSPO13-055852

Texas DIR contract # DIR-TSO-2688

Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) Microwave Equipment and Services Master Contract

Federal Government contracts:

Altius Communications LLC. GSA schedule 70 contract # GS-35F-0560V