Effective management of a communications network relies on rapid notification of events, a simple-to-use interface, and full control of network elements. This is further complicated by the need to monitor and control many different equipment types. To help simplify this management process each of our microwave radios employs the standard SNMP protocol which allows the flexibility to tie into existing management systems, or become the framework for its own.

Among the many features of our radios which facilitate SNMP management are embedded routers, across-the-hop IP transport, Ethernet bridges, and peer-to-peer connectivity. Product-specific element management programs shipped with each system, can be run from a laptop or central manager to allow complete access to any or all radio terminals. The embedded features mentioned above combined with a standard SNMP manager, gives a network operator complete flexibility and control of his network and its individual components.

In addition to SNMP management, Microwave Networks also offers the Telescan series of network managers which are specifically designed to provide complete network management for the CM radio family as well as much of the legacy equipment previously manufactured, but still supported by Microwave Networks. Primarily used as a stand-alone management platform, Telescan is also able to send SNMP traps into existing management systems in order to consolidate the Network Operator’s central point-of-reference.

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