Unlicensed and Licensed Carrier Grade Wireless Bridge

Proteus UMX offers one of the most advanced carrier-class wireless backhaul solutions in the market. It’s OFDM waveform and 2×2 dual-polarization MIMO architecture along with an innovative traffic discrimination algorithm delivers an unprecedented aggregate net throughput of up to 310 Mbps. By analyzing the actual traffic load, the system dynamically optimizes the uplink and downlink capacity, providing net throughput of up to 310 Mbps in a single direction.

Specifically designed for robust operation in congested areas with high levels of RF interference, Proteus UMX eliminates false reception of background noise via a unique Automatic Interference Sensibility (AIS) algorithm, guaranteeing stable performance while maintaining a constant latency and throughput.

High Performance

  • Superior net throughput – 310 Mbps
  • Dynamic Asymmetric Capacity
  • Very low latency – 1ms typical
  • More than 60,000 PPS (packets per second)
  • Increased range – up to 130 Km
  • Configurable channel bandwidth – 5/10/20/40 MHz
  • Point-to-point and Point-to-Multipoint modes
  • Radio Frequencies:

900 MHz (UMX 120 only), 2.0 - 2.3 GHz, 2.3 - 2.7 GHz, 3.3-3.8 GHz, 4.4-4.6 GHz, ,
4.8-4.95 GHz, 4.95-5.15 GHz, 5.15-5.25 GHz, 5.25-5.35 GHz, 5.725-5.85 GHz

 Robust Operation

  • Automatic Inference Sensibility (AIS)
  • Time Synchronization
  • MIMO Radio – higher capacity, longer range, diversity
  • Hitless ACM (Adaptive Coding & Modulation)
  • Automatic Channel Selection (ACS)
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
  • Forward Error Correct (FEC)
  • Fast Automatic Retransmit reQuest (ARQ)


 Advanced Networking

  • WEB, EMS, SNMP and Telnet management
  • QoS based on 802.1q & 802.1p
  • VLAN tagging/stripping
  • Up/downstream bandwidth control
  • Packet filtering – based on broadband & VLAN
  • Over the air remote management
  • 128-bit AES encryption & MAC level authentication


Ease of Ownership

  • Rugged & reliable weather resistant design
  • Compact and simple to use
  • RSSI buzzer for easy alignment
  • Built-in RF Analyzer
  • Built-in power redundancy
  • “Green” operation: under 6W consumption
  • Multiple frequency bands in the same radio