The most critical time for a new or upgraded network is during initial cut-over and turn-up. At this time, it is determined if the months of planning have proven worthwhile and accurate. Any faults or compatibility problem between various hardware systems at these stages, will most likely result in delays and loss of revenue. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, and to ensure that your entire network is functional prior to the actual installation, Microwave Networks offers complete in-factory integration. This not only includes our microwave radios, but other hardware, such as channel banks, DACS, routers, cross-connect, etc.

With over 4000 sq. ft of dedicated factory floor space we are capable of racking, wiring, and testing to ensure system is completely operable. If requested, we can also provide customer-witnessed factory acceptance testing. This teamwork approach has proven an invaluable part of providing complete customer satisfaction and trust.