Reliability is the most important factor when operating a microwave communications network. To provide consistent microwave reliability, operators of microwave networks need outstanding maintenance services.

Microwave Networks offers a wide range of services that support microwave communications reliability. Our services support Public Safety, Utilities, Government, Carriers, Enterprise and other operators of microwave communications networks. Point-to-point microwave operators can pick and choose the right service tailored for their operational goals, needs, and budget.

In addition, we offer three bundled services. Bundled services allow you to improve your network performance and buy a package of services at discount, saving you money and improving your budgeting cycle.

As TDM circuit switched point-to-point microwave converges and evolves to packet switched IP technology and carrier grade Ethernet, new IP based QoS metrics, operations, and maintenance procedures emerge. Microwave Networks is at the cutting edge of IP product development, operations, and maintenance methods, ensuring reliable performance for demanding real-time voice, data, and video applications.

Based on over 40 years of microwave communications experience, Microwave Networks delivers peace-of-mind support services that maximize your operational and capital investments in microwave communications and ensure consistent network reliability.

Summary of Services

Warranty Repair Services

  • Custom Lifetime Warranty
  • 5-Year Super Warranty
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty

24-Hour Advance Replacement Emergency Service

Remote Telephone and E-mail Technical Support

  • 24 x 7 Telephone and E-mail Technical Support
  • 8 x 5 Telephone and E-mail Technical Support

On-Site Technical Support

  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Corrective Maintenance Services

Training & Certification

  • Your Location
  • Our Factory

On-Site Firmware Upgrades

Remote NOC Services

  • Remote Proactive NOC Services
  • Remote Troubleshooting NOC Services

Product Discontinuance Spares Option

Network Health Mobile Applications

Customer Care Support Services

Ask Your Sales Director about Support Services

Please ask your Microwave Networks Sales Director or Service Representative for details and pricing about our Support Services. They will work with you to develop the services that fit your operational and budget requirements. Our range of services and flexible bundled services can save you money, time, and hassle, while providing you with reliable microwave maintenance. Take the worry and hassle out of microwave maintenance. Talk to your Microwave Networks Sales Director or Service Representative today.

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