Firmware Upgrade Overview

Microwave Networks offers two firmware upgrade services:

  • Notice of Firmware Upgrades
  • On-Site Installation of Firmware Upgrades

Notice of Firmware Upgrades

Microwave Networks notifies customers about the latest firmware versions for each type of equipment. We post notifications on our password protected website for customers. Customers can upgrade their Microwave Networks radios and signal processing units with the latest firmware. Using telephone and e-mail technical support, our engineers guide customer engineers and technicians about firmware installation, testing, and optimization. Updated firmware ensures best performance and maximum reliability.

On-Site Installation of Firmware Upgrades

When you want Microwave Networks to take care of your firmware, our engineers will perform the upgrades for you. They install, test, and optimize firmware on-site at your network. With the rapid transition to IP networks, you need IP experts to give you hassle-free, worry-free firmware upgrades. Our engineers are experts in firmware upgrades, saving installation, testing, and optimization time. Most importantly, our fully trained and experienced engineers ensure smooth upgrade transitions, delivering consistent reliability of your microwave network.