Ob-Site Support Overview

When problems cannot be resolved remotely, Microwave Networks provides three types on-site maintenance:

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Turnkey Maintenance

On-Site Corrective Maintenance

Our field engineers visit your location to correct microwave communications problems. They troubleshoot, correct, install, configure, and optimize equipment and firmware to factory specifications, as circumstance requires. Experienced Microwave Networks engineers restore your network to optimal performance quickly and accurately when you need help.

You can buy corrective maintenance by the day, in advance, just like an insurance policy. Buying corrective maintenance in advance is less expensive than buying reactionary corrective maintenance, saving you money. If you do not use corrective maintenance within a year, you may apply it towards preventive maintenance.

On-Site Preventive Maintenance

To ensure smooth microwave performance and reliability, our field engineers visit your microwave network to assess its health and performance. Our engineers plan their visits yearly to your location, analyzing network configuration and performance history before arriving so they know what to do without wasting valuable time, avoiding or minimizing downtime. Checking equipment, the engineers carry out hands-on preventive maintenance to optimize network performance. They update firmware as required. In addition, they evaluate your spares inventory to optimize the spares mix so you have enough spares on hand to keep equipment running smoothly without over investing in excess spares. By subscribing to Preventive Maintenance, you can optimize microwave network performance and reliability while minimizing reactionary corrective maintenance.

On-Site and Remote Turnkey Managed Maintenance Service

For organizations that want to focus on their core business, we provide full turnkey managed maintenance of their microwave communications network. Microwave communications operations and maintenance demands specialized and skilled personnel. This is especially true as IP microwave communications technology evolves to carrier grade Ethernet, requiring a new suite of skills, knowledge, expertise, and maintenance techniques. If microwave communications is not your core business, it may be more cost-effective to delegate maintenance services to Microwave Networks.

With service level agreements (SLA), you control the level of microwave maintenance. We can tailor SLAs to meet your exact operational specifications and uptime requirements, ensuring reliable operations. Our professional microwave engineers check, manage, and conduct corrective and preventive maintenance of your network. Our 40 years of microwave communications experience and deep knowledge of TDM Circuit Switched and IP Packet Switched microwave technology and operations are unmatched in the microwave communications industry. Let us take care of scheduled and corrective microwave maintenance in your network. We will keep it operating at peak performance.

Consider the benefits. In summary, Turnkey Managed Maintenance Service,

  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • Regulates Quality
  • Simplifies Administration
  • Assigns Responsibility
  • Allows You to Focus of Your Core Business

You can use our qualified and certified microwave engineers and technicians to achieve high standards of performance and reliability for TDM and IP microwave networks. Our Turnkey Managed Maintenance Service delivers hassle-free, worry-free peace of mind. You may be surprised how much money you can save. Ask your Microwave Networks Sales Directorfor a Turnkey Managed Maintenance Service quote.