Remote Network Operations Center (NOC) Monitoring

Microwave Networks operates a sophisticated microwave communications Network Operations Center (NOC) that can remotely check critical parameters of your microwave equipment, when you allow us to do so.

Microwave Networks offers two levels of remote NOC monitoring:

  • Troubleshooting NOC Service
  • Proactive NOC Service

With Troubleshooting NOC Service, we can remotely read basic performance parameters in your network to diagnose microwave communications problems, when you ask us to do so. The service is a reactive service, when you ask us for help.

With Proactive NOC Service, we monitor your network 24 x 7 and immediately react to automatic alarms and alerts, quickly advising you of corrective action. In addition, using a planned diagnostic checklist of critical operational parameters, we check your network monthly from our NOC to head off operational problems before they occur. Proactive NOC Service ensures smooth operations and network reliability, giving you peace of mind.

With Proactive NOC Service, we conduct monthly reviews with your staff about performance and maintenance. Our reporting highlights key metrics and action items, to ensure smooth and efficient network operation. The Proactive NOC Service is a convenient service that supports reliable microwave communications.