Private and enterprise networks require self-contained, fast, and reliable communications between buildings and facilities that are co-located or distributed throughout a city or metropolitan area. As business and information technology advances, the amount and variety of data traffic required continues to grow at a rapid pace. The diverse transmission needs for these networks range from low speed SCADA and voice, to video broadcasting, to high-speed WAN traffic. Finding a single data provider to supply all the needed connectivity is practically impossible. As a result, the opportunity to privately own the transmission infrastructure is an attractive and financially sound alternative.

These Enterprise and Private networks are represented by a wide variety of applications. Public utilities (such as oil, gas, and power), railroad, university, health authorities, private business, and local or state government entities such as school districts and public safety are all traditional users of private microwave networks. In addition, digital broadcasting has begun to expand in recent years and is expected to converge with Internet services to provide new opportunities for interactive cable television and bundled high-speed internet services.

Flexible Configurations

The ability to handle the wide range of data traffic types and the ability to move from a lower capacity to higher capacity as needed is a must for private network operators. All of our point-to-point microwave products are able to transport traditional voice (E1/T1) as well as IP, ATM, and SDH/SONET traffic. The unique design of each product allows a mix-and-match of data types and speeds not typically found in other products. The modular design allows for easy upgrades with minimal downtime.

For both long distance and higher capacity infrastructure requirements or shorter-length intra-city applications, we offer the highly flexible Proteus MX.

The MX operates in either all-indoor configurations at 6, 7, 8, and 11 GHz or in split-mount configurations from 6 to 38 GHz. The MX offers a choice of data rates from 2 to 190 Mbps in any combination of nxDS1/E1, nxDS3/E3, SONET/SDH, or VLAN Ethernet. Fully-protected Hot-Standby configurations with errorless switching are also available for data-critical applications.

Our Dynamic Payload MappingTM (DPM) suite of features allows detailed data provisioning and routing with options such as drop-insert, DS1/E1 loop protection, and internal cross-connect. DPM also allows the user to easily change the allocation of data as needed to achieve the desired distribution of DS1/E1, DS3/E3, and Ethernet traffic.

Whatever the network need, Microwave Networks has a cost-effective, reliable solution.