Carrier-Class Networks

In many cases total fiber solutions are not practical to provide complete infrastructure coverage for established national carriers, regional operators, start-up competitors, or small private local networks. Microwave Networks’ highly reliable family of point-to-point microwave radios is ideal for providing an entire wireless infrastructure or for complimenting an existing fixed network. If leasing costs are prohibitive, both small and large users alike can take advantage of owning their own dedicated network.

Wireless microwave systems can be an advantage in those locations where fiber cannot reach, where build costs are prohibitive, or right-of-way is denied. These applications include developing economies where a fixed infrastructure is not present and cannot be easily implemented, densely populated metropolitan areas where laying lines is extremely difficult, and remote or inaccessible locations. The rapid roll-out and scalable data capacities allow carriers to provide service to more locations and to increase their deployments as the penetration rate increases.

Microwave radios can also be used as backups to critical fiber links or in locations where ultimate reliability is a must. With various methods of equipment protection, path propagation protection, and high equipment reliability, we offer carrier-class availability and quality.

Integrated Voice, Data, and Video

More and more carriers are finding it economically profitable to offer bundled data and video services with the traditional voice circuits. All of our microwave radios offer the ability to transport both circuit-switched as well as packet switched IP data within the same radio, typically through the use of modular, plug-in data modules. This allows you leverage your existing data overhead or add more capacity to generate new sources of revenue.

High-Capacity Backhaul and Ring Topologies

For higher capacity backhaul networks, we offer the Proteus MX-Series product line.

MX-Series operates in either all-indoor configurations at 6, 7, 8, and 11 GHz or in split-mount configurations from 6 to 38 GHz. Using 2 Line Interface Module (LIM) bays, each radio offers a choice of data rates from 2 to 190 Mbps in any combination of nxDS1/E1, nxDS3/E3, SONET/SDH, or VLAN Ethernet. Fully-protected Hot-Standby configurations with errorless switching are also available for data-critical applications.

Our Dynamic Payload MappingTM (DPM) suite of features allows detailed data provisioning and routing with options such as drop-insert, DS1/E1 loop protection, and internal cross-connect. DPM also allows the user to easily change the allocation of data as needed to achieve the desired distribution of DS1/E1, DS3/E3, and Ethernet traffic.

Whatever the application, Microwave Networks is dedicated to creating the most cost-effective and reliable network transport infrastructures for mobile operators worldwide.