Oil and gas production presents a unique set of communications problems. Production facilities operate over vast territories and produce diverse mission critical data from many different sources, all of which need to be transported back to the production office. In addition to transporting traditional SCADA, increasing security concerns have added video and detection monitoring to the typical backhaul requirement. Microwave Networks’ line of industrial communication products provides the perfect wireless infrastructure solution for collecting and backhauling this vital production, delivery process, and security data. Terrestrial microwave backhaul can provide higher throughput with lower latency and lower overall cost compared to satellite transport, while providing uninterrupted security and control.

Microwave Networks has products for analog and digital I/O signals, serial data, Ethernet/IP, DS1/DS3 TDM, and SONET, all designed and tested for harsh industrial environments. From long haul SCADA to high capacity Ethernet, we have a solution to satisfy any requirement.

The Benefits of a Microwave Networks solution include:

  • Reliability of interference-free licensed band radios
  • Available 100% active component redundancy
  • Native DS1 for predictable latency
  • Native Ethernet for eventual transition from TDM to packet
  • Built-in DS1 and Ethernet loop switching for ring topology
  • Single channel data rates from 6 Mbps to 350 Mbps
  • Secure AES Encryption
  • RADIUS centralized login authentication
  • SNMP based management
  • Mobile Network Health App for dynamic notification of network status