Utility operators have a unique set of communications requirements to ensure a high performing operation and the ability to exceed customer expectations.  Utilities require a dependable communications system with controlled, repeatable performance to ensure timely command execution of remotely located equipment.  When it comes to utilities, lives are at stake, and providing customers with basic utilities requires proper infrastructure and control. 

 Microwave Networks understands the mission critical factors involved and the communications problems faced by utilities.  Our hybrid native DS1/native Ethernet backhaul radios are designed for just such service with 100% active component redundancy, built in DS1 and Ethernet Loop Switching, and reliable, predictable operation.  With a Microwave Networks backhaul solution a signal sent is a signal received – on time, every time.

Microwave Networks solutions include the following:

  • Reliability of interference-free licensed band radios
  • 100% active component redundancy
  • Native DS1 for predictable latency
  • Native Ethernet for eventual transition from TDM to packet
  • Built-in DS1 and Ethernet loop switching for ring topology
  • Data rates from 6 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Secure AES Encryption
  • RADIUS centralized login authentication
  • SNMP based management
  • Mobile Network Health App for dynamic notification of network status