The SERVICE Partner Program is for qualified VARs that want to install and service Microwave Networks radios and equipment, to earn revenue and income from services. Microwave Networks handles sales, while SERVICE Partners provide service to end users.

SERVICE Partners sell service to Microwave Networks as a services subcontractor. When the SERVICE Partner performs as a services subcontractor to Microwave Networks, both parties agree on service rates for each service. Rates are established annually, but can be reviewed project by project as circumstances warrant.

Qualified SERVICE Partners have technical staff including experienced and licensed RF and networking field engineers, technicians, licensed electricians, installers, certified tower climbers, and an established safety program. SERVICE Partners conduct site surveys, program management, installation, testing, optimization, and maintenance of microwave communications.

Microwave Networks provides SERVICE Partners with comprehensive technical support. We train SERVICE Partner technical teams in installation, optimization, troubleshooting, and corrective and preventive maintenance. Training is hands-on and SERVICE Partner personnel can earn Microwave Networks training certifications.

To ensure SERVICE Partner personnel are fully qualified to support its products, Microwave Networks supervises SERVICE Partners during their first installation and maintenance of Microwave Networks products. After the first installation, SERVICE Partners are fully capable of installing and maintaining Microwave Networks products on their own.

To provide continued technical support and mission critical reliability, Microwave Networks provides SERVICE Partners with 24/7 telephone and e-mail support and documentation.

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